How Much Do Medical Billing Services Cost

how much do medical billing services cost

how much do medical billing services cost

The costs of medical billing services vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of your practice and the type of service you need. Most practices will find that outsourcing their billing is more cost-effective than doing it in house.

The average cost for medical billing services for a small primary care office with less than 20 providers and 25 employees is $25,000 per year. This includes everything from claims processing to collection calls. The cost per provider increases if they are self-employed or work in a small group practice.

Medical billing companies charge by the number of providers they have to process claims for, so if you have more than one physician or therapist in your practice, you’ll pay more per provider than if you only have one doctor or therapist. The average cost per provider is $700 to $800 per month plus a setup fee of $100-$500.

Some medical billing companies offer a flat rate per month regardless of how many providers they have to work with. This can be a better option if your practice has fewer than 10 providers because it’s easier for them to manage their resources when there’s not much variability in the number of doctors or therapists who need their services each month.


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