Top Medical Billing Companies in the US: How to Choose The Right One

You’re working hard to take care of your patients and meet your practice’s needs. You don’t have time to worry about billing and coding; that’s what a medical billing company is for.

With so many different billing companies available, how do you choose the right one for your medical practice?

You might think that you need to find a company that specializes in the type of work you need done. But the most important thing is to choose a company that will quickly and efficiently handle all of your billing services. There are many different types of medical billing companies out there, but they can be broken down into five main categories. Read on to learn more about each type of billing company and which one is best for you:

  1. What is an Expert Medical Billing Company?
  2. An Electronic Medical Billing Company?
  3. A Certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Billing Company?
  4. Computerized Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Receiving Firm?
  5. Bottom line
  6. List Of Companies

1.What is an Expert Medical Billing Company?

If you’re looking for a full-service medical billing company, then you want an expert billing company. An expert medical billing company can handle all of your billing and coding needs. With an expert medical billing company, your staff can focus on patient care, while the billing company takes care of the administrative tasks associated with claims, billing, and coding.

For example, an expert medical billing company can provide your practice with billing, collections, and customer service support.

An expert medical billing company provides a wide variety of medical billing services,

including the following: –

Accessing electronic health records (EHRs) using your credentials

– Creating and sending bills

– Receiving payments

– Responding to patient inquiries

– Tracking and managing insurance claims

– Filing required government and commercial payer reports

– Managing your cash flow

– Making sure you are compliant with all government regulations

2. An Electronic Medical Billing Company?

Medical billing companies that specialize in electronic health records (EHR) billing can help you make the switch to an EHR system. Once your practice has implemented an EHR system, you’ll be able to efficiently and accurately bill and receive payments for your services.

Electronic health records billing companies can also help you apply for a meaningful use certification. This is a recognition given by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to providers who meet specific requirements for the use of EHRs.

Once your practice has been certified, you can receive additional payments from Medicare. These are known as incentive payments. An electronic health records billing company can help you navigate the process of getting certified and receive the maximum incentive payment possible.

3. A Certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Billing Company?

If you’re looking for a medical billing company that specializes in EHR billing, then you want a certified EHR billing company. A certified EHR billing company has experience helping practices switch over to an EHR system and navigate the certification process. Practices that switch to an EHR system can experience disruptions in their ability to bill and receive payments.

A certified EHR billing company can help mitigate these disruptions. If your practice is switching from a paper system to an EHR system,

a certified EHR billing company can help you with the following: –

Developing a plan for transitioning to the EHR system

– Training staff members on the new EHR system

– Identifying potential issues that could cause disruptions

– Resolving any issues before they become disruptions

– Helping you meet meaningful use certification requirements

– Helping you achieve and maintain EHR Incentive Program payment bonuses

4. Computerized Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Receiving Firm?

ATM receiving companies specialize in receiving payments from government insurance programs and commercial insurance companies. These types of medical billing companies are often referred to as “receivables management” companies.

If you want to receive payment directly from patients, then you want a medical billing company that specializes in ATM receiving. There are a few different types of ATM receiving firms. First, you have “full-service” ATM receiving firms. These types of medical billing companies can help you receive payment from government programs, like Medicare and Medicaid, and commercial insurance companies.

Next, you have “limited-service” ATM receiving firms. These types of medical billing companies specialize in government programs, like Medicare and Medicaid. Finally, you have “no-service” ATM receiving firms. These types of medical billing companies specialize in commercial insurance companies.

Bottom line

The most important thing when looking for a medical billing company is to choose one that can quickly and efficiently handle all of your billing services. There are many different types of medical billing companies out there, but they can be broken down into five main categories.

Outsourcing to medical billing companies in the US can assist healthcare organizations like yours in the following ways:

Improved services:

You can save money by outsourcing this function, rather than hiring and training in-house personnel. To boost your healthcare company’s growth, you can allocate the money you save on operating and overhead costs to other projects.

Access to industry experts:

You can then save even more of your valuable time by outsourcing. As a medical professional, you can recognize the difficulty of your busy and demanding routine. Outsourcing helps you do so, which increases the amount of patients you can treat daily. You will be able to focus more on your patients’ needs as a result.

Top 15 Medical Billing Companies in the US You Need to Know About

Choosing the right medical billing company can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the process. There are countless companies in the US that will help you process insurance claims and get paid on time, but not all of them are as great as they seem at first glance.

Here are eight of the 15 best medical billing companies in the US today so you can learn what to look out for when choosing which one you want to work with.


1. Medcare MSO

Medcare MSO is a trusted medical billing provider that works tirelessly to provide customized solutions for clinics, individual physicians, and even providers of all sizes. With over 12 years of healthcare IT experience, it’s no surprise we’re regarded as one of the best in the industry when it comes to medical billing services & software. We understand what it takes to turn bills into payments quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on delivering excellent care for your patients. Medcare knows how difficult running an entire clinic, hospital or lab can be – which is why we take charge by offering customized support from insurance claim submission to patient refunds and more!

2. Billing Paradise


Billing Paradise boasts four separate physical offices located in Texas and California. It specializes in revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions specifically for hospitals, in-house billing teams, medical group practices, and individual practices. In addition to its specialized RCM services are patient eligibility verification, denial management, accounts receivable services, credentialing service providers, and coding support experts. When it comes to outsourcing medical billing jobs or just looking for an additional job opportunity Billing Paradise offers a standard hourly rate of $25.

3. Advanced md


AdvancedMD is a healthcare tech company out of South Jordan and Utah. They specialize in cloud-based medical software for ambulatory practices. Examples of their other offerings include credit card processing, managed billing services, clearinghouse, telemedicine, and patient messaging services. Their rates start at $25 an hour when you sign up for one of the packages they offer.

4.  Kareo

Established in 2004, Kareo offers cloud-based and comprehensive medical technology platforms for different healthcare establishments. The company has two physical offices – one is located in California and the other is in Costa Rica. One of its most popular services includes its medical billing service which starts at $25 per hour. Beyond this billing service, this Medical Billing Company also specializes in a variety of other medical roles such as patient collections, insurance reimbursements, care delivery, patient experience–the list goes on!

5. Care Cloud 


CareCloud is an innovative healthcare IT company specializing in outsourcing services for organizations around the world. CareCloud was established back in 1999 and has already helped provide state-of-the-art care for more than 40,000 clients within the United States alone through its wide range of medical solutions—including RCM, practice management, patient experience management, telehealth, and healthcare analytics.

6. Revele md

Established as GroupOne Health Source back in 1991, this healthcare outsourcing company has worked with its clients ever since. Today it has two headquarters – one of which can be found in India while the other is located in Indiana. The specialization of their solutions involves remote staffing (patients), denial management, clinical coding, and healthcare analytics. They also specialize in electronic health records (EHR) and MIPS (Medical Information Processing Standards).

7. Infinit-o


Infinite-O, a multinational company with global headquarters in the Philippines, UK, Australia, and US offers many services including RCM and billing specialists skilled in using EHR or EMR systems; finance and accounting; research and data; customer experience; IT; as well as back office support.

8. Promantra

Promantra provides complete back office operations for hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies alike. It provides total IT solutions from design to deployment through its innovative proprietary healthcare platform that also allows an ease of communication between doctors and nurses for better patient care outcomes. This company has two offices in the United States and India.

9. 4D Global


4D Global is yet another revenue cycle management company that has been working with US-based medical billing companies since 2015. It has two headquarters located in Arizona and India. Its list of featured services includes payment posting, denial management, data entry, provider credentialing, credit balance resolution, A/R follow-up—including eligibility and benefits.


10.  MedWave

Medwave provides medical billing, accounts receivable recovery, and credentialing for healthcare providers in several different areas of medicine. They serve therapists working with mental health patients, chiropractic’s physicians treating back issues or neurological disorders, and even toxicologists performing drug testing for patients. This company is located in Pennsylvania.

11. 20/20MD Billing

20/20 MD Billing is considered one of the leading billing service providers in all of America. In addition to providing top-notch medical billing services, it also offers exceptional coding and auditing, credentialing for physicians, and risk-based case management (RCM).

12. 24/7 Medical Billing

When you choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services, you choose a group that has the combined experience of over 10 years in medical billing and RCM services. The process of this critical procedure is defined as the communication between the doctor or hospital and your insurance company. We’re committed to staying up-to-date with technology as well as current trends so we can offer top-notch customer service every time. Our clients come first–we make sure they know we’ve got their back! At 24/7 Medical Billing Services, our priority is ensuring your complete satisfaction–let us show you what sets us apart from other providers!

13. 5 Star Medical Billing

5 star medical billing

5 Star Billing Services provide an expert, professional medical billing and collection services for medical practitioners. Whether you need a complete turnkey billing service from start to finish or just temporary staffing, our experienced billing and collections team will prove they are up to the task! With many years of expertise in creating optimum denial management processes with the right inputs –

we can have all your relevant departments working together; utilizing common data; employing industry standards to create reliable benchmarks; and achieving achievable goals. We deal with common issues such as Medicare adjudication requests (ADR) on a regular basis – along with state-specific logistics which makes us uniquely qualified for anything you throw at us.

Avoid the headaches of doing it yourself – let our medical billing team take care of your entire medical billing management process from start to end.

14.  ABCS


We understand the world of medical billing. For over two decades we have delivered excellence to a diverse group of healthcare providers. Customized solutions for managing medical revenue cycles allow us to suit your needs as you grow and change. At ABCS, you’ll find the experience needed to work with various EHRs, EMRs, and PMs – so there’s something for everyone!

15. Advanced Billers

Advanced Pacific Medical, LLC provides healthcare management services for various medical practices such as Primary Care, Behavioral Health, Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pulmonary Critical Care and Rheumatology.

The company was founded in 2011 and it is based in San Diego.


Outsourcing non-patient care services enables healthcare providers to reduce costs while leveraging existing resources. Technological advancements are transforming patient care and the way in which providers conduct their business. From what we can see today, it’s safe to say that technology is going to have a major impact on health care–especially in America.

Along with these changes, the American government and private insurance companies have been reducing reimbursements for such clinical and non-clinical services. As a result, many health care establishments are struggling just to maintain their profit margins through medical services like this one. But by outsourcing, you’ll be able to address this issue head on–not just during difficult economic times but year round! And yes, there’s more than one service being outsourced; outsourcing services in the medical industry goes beyond just one thing!


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